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2017 is here

My resolution this year is to update web page and make sure we are updated as often as possible. I know its sounds like a weak resolution but I want to make sure I stick with it.  Because I know people need this for their updates and I want to make sure its done. Making resolutions can be easy its the follow thru that needs the work. Even though we all ave good intentions by making resolutions, I like millions of others need to keep my promise to myself and follow thru. So what is your resolution this year.  Lose weight? work out more?
Save some money?  Whatever it is just be sure to follow thru. And time will only tell if I make good on my simple resolution.  GOOD LUCK with whatever yours may be!

Til next time which should be in 30days or less! Sensei Danielle



Happy Mother's day everyone! Hope your day is full of love and laughter.


Tournament Update 03/07/09

Another tournament down and many more to go. Team RTD is starting to really be known. Our Black belts did fantastic. Angelmarie Gonzalez competed against Sensei Justin for the first time in the traditional forms division and they both did fantastic. Their division is one of the toughest divisions, I think, out of all them.  Even the Judges had a hard time judging them. The talent is absolutely incredible.  Angelmarie came in 7th and Sensei Justin came in 4th. Can't say enough about them. All of our seasoned competitors did fantastic.  We had a twin-off for Joseph and Michael Gonzalez in 10-11 black belt boys fighting. They ended up fighting each other for first and second place. They were awesome. Michael pulled ahead and took first place but not to say Joseph didn't give him a run for his money.

Justin Costa's competition was hard to beat. Black belt under 9 years old is starting to look fierce.  Justin competed in weapons, forms, and fighting. He did fantastic and took trophys home in all three divisions. Brianna Dell'Isola and Aman Gabriel are our up and coming under belts and are looking fantastic.  Aman took 3rd in forms and Brianna took 4th in forms. Julia DiFraia is becoming a fighter to be recognized, she certainly has a tough division at 12-13 year old girls advanced.  She had some terrific fights and took home 2nd place. Also took 4th in forms, out of I think 18 competitors, boys and girls for forms.

Sensei Justin and Sensei Sean are dominating the continuous fighting division for their age groups. Both took home first place trophies.

Way to go to everyone!!!!!!! Again hard work really does pay off. Keep it up and if you want to join the competitors in any of the competitions please don't hesitate to ask O Sensei Alberto.

We have a local tournament up in Lawrence, MA on March 29th that some of our newest competitors are taking on. If you would like to check it out let us know.

That's it for now. Again great work by all!

Welcome back everyone. Some weather we're having. I know that we are all sick of the snow and hopefully Monday's storm will be the last of it. Probably not but doesn't hurt to be hopeful.  Just a reminder if there is inclement weather please don't hesitate to call us to see if there are classes. Generally, if the city closes regular school for the day that means usually we'll be closed too.

I think everyone has noticed the new layout of the school. Thank you for your patience as we work out some kinks of our own with the new layout.  Change is always good, sometimes hard but good.  Just want to send out a thank you to some of the kids that came by during vacation to help out. The Gonzalez boys, Joseph and Michael and Angel marie kicked in to help, we also got some help from Julia DiFraia and Brianna Dell'Isola.  Thanks a bunch kids, we know you love the school just as much as we do. 

As for the new layout. We would like to remind everyone that we do not want shoes traveling in hand or other past the rugged area in the front. We know that the floor is cold by the seating area and we're working on a solution for that.  Please be patient with us as we set up the school to be more efficient. It not only will be beneficial for us but for our students and their parents.

Thanks RTD

Next tournament is Saturday 3/7 in Rhode Island at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Warwick. If interested try to drive down and check it out, and don't forget to wish the kids luck!

Team Red Tiger tournament update

So Team Red Tiger attended the first tournament for the year. And, well what can I say, the kids all did so well.  Even with some of them being sick they pulled through and gave it their all.

First time competitors, Frankie Leon, Jonathan Walsh, Michaela Bennett, and Aman Gabriel all did fantastic. Everyone took trophies or medals home. We couldn't be more proud. Our seasoned competitors all did great too. We had a bit of a friendly rivalry when two of our black belts, Joseph Gonzalez and Jonathan Argueta had to fight each other in the 10/11 year olds black belt division for first and second place. Good fight between the two and Joseph ended up winning and taking first place. Jonathan had given him a run for his money.  Great JOB!!!

Sensei Justin took first in point fighting, and competed for the first time in the creative forms division. Well, he took first place with his form and ended up competed in the Grand Champions for the Junior Black Belts.  He tied for first with one of his arch nemesis, Tyree Brown. During a tie for Grand Champion the judges end up pointing to their favorite, out of 5 judges Sensei Justin got 2 votes, and Tyree got 3.  For being Sensei's first time in that division, I'd say he did very well!

Keep up the hard work everyone. It really does pay off........

Quick update everyone; don't forget school vacation starting Monday February 16th.  We'll re-open on 2/23.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

So 2009 is here and another year gone by. For RTD I think 2008 turned out to be a fairly good year. We survived and are surviving this recession everyone is in, and O Sensei and I as well as the rest of the RTD family want to say THANK YOU many times over to our extended Red Tiger family, if it wasn't for the parents, students and YOUR families, we would not be able to survive. So many thanks for a good 2008, and an even better 2009.  Our hopes are to make the Red Tiger Dojo a better place for you and your families to continue your martial arts education.

We will be planning some long over due updates to the school, with minimum interruptions to your classes. And we would love to know if you have some suggestions. Please don't hesitate to write them down and pass them along to O Sensei or me.

Again thank you for your continued interest and support in the Martial Arts!



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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey everyone! What a TRIP!!!!!!! really exciting stuff. We arrived in Italy on Sunday morning after taking a red eye in from Boston.  All team members met up in the Boston airport and headed off from there which worked out well for us. 
Justin knew a lot of the kids from the tryouts and jumped right in with them. 
Arrived at our hotel and got settled in.  Let me tell you, the resort was not as it seemed on their website that's for sure!!!!!! Not the best of places.  But we made due with what we had. We survived!
Two days we were able to go site seeing, we went to Ercolano which is an archeology dig, kind of like Pompei, a city of ruins that were discovered at the base of Mt Vesuvius.  That was cool to see something that was like 2400 years old. The next day we went to Positano a city on the coast set in the mountain. Let me tell you about cliffs, our bus ride up there was so close if we all moved over to the right side of the bus we would have tipped over down the cliff to the water below. Pretty scary stuff.
On to the tournament.  What can I say. I am so proud of our Sensei Justin. He represented the USA and Red Tiger like no one else could.  He was truly a leader with this group. He got the kids to rally together and make sure we all cheered for everyone. There was a comraderie thru out this adventure.  We really became a team in the short amount of time we were together.
Sorry back to the tournament...... In all I believe USA took 12 Gold medals, and of course our very own Sensei Justin won 1 gold in Continuous Fighting and a gold for 4person team fighting.  In all Justin had 11 fights, more than anyother competitor there.  He pulled all the strength he could to finish those last 4 team fights. I know it wasn't easy and he truly was a SHINING STAR!
Justin, from the bottom of my heart, I'm so proud of you for everything you've accomplished, and I'm sure I speak for everyone, Congratulations on becoming a WORLD CHAMPION, and for being the best you could be.
Love, Sensei Danielle
3:38 pm 

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